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Music Mining: Intimate concerts during the Cross-linx festival

Music Mining’s intimate concerts by James OesiPERFORATORthere are no more four seasonsMatteo MijderwijkJerboah, U: & Ekke during Cross-linx. Music Mining tickets are free and can be obtained on the night of the festival, at the Music Mining Point in the foyer. The timetable shows at what time the tickets can be obtained.

There is only one ticket per person, and: first come, first served, as the number of seats will be limited. The Music Miners (recognisable by their brightly coloured helmets and rattles) will walk you to the Music Mining performance of your choice. Each concert lasts for 20 minutes and fits only 10 to 20 people, and will be held in places such as the dressing rooms, boiler rooms, and underground passages. After the concert, you will be safely taken back to the Music Mining Point.




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